Natural Beekeeping

Top Bar ApiRevolution has begun! Lets make some inexpensive Top Bar Hives and let them be pesticide free on their own natural comb! Che Guebee is a rebel bee fighting for the survival of the Biodiversity we all depend on and which is seriously endangered by deforestation and mono-crop agriculture! What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coating the Top Bar Hives with raw Linseed Oil

I will get 2 bee colonies at the beginning of May and the hives are not being coated yet. It takes a month for the raw Linseed oil to dry. The weather forecast sais sunny skies for the next couple of days with temperature around 8'Celsius. This is not that warm but I cant wait any longer so I coated 6 hives today.
 One can see the difference in color between the coated hive and the un-coated stand

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