Natural Beekeeping

Top Bar ApiRevolution has begun! Lets make some inexpensive Top Bar Hives and let them be pesticide free on their own natural comb! Che Guebee is a rebel bee fighting for the survival of the Biodiversity we all depend on and which is seriously endangered by deforestation and mono-crop agriculture! What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Visiting my ladies in cold Varmland

I was visiting my good friend in Varmland for a few days and used this chance to see my last year bee colonies which I keep in horizontal Top Bar Hives. It felt so good to see them again ... well ... I didnt see them but hear them :) Its still too cold outside so they are keeping warm in the hive. By placing the ear on the hive wall and knocking it with a hand makes them buzz :) They are alive!!! Here is a video of my todays visit to Kretsloppshuset which is a course in self-sufficient householding I attended last year for 8 month;

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