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Top Bar ApiRevolution has begun! Lets make some inexpensive Top Bar Hives and let them be pesticide free on their own natural comb! Che Guebee is a rebel bee fighting for the survival of the Biodiversity we all depend on and which is seriously endangered by deforestation and mono-crop agriculture! What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Private letters reveal Syngenta and Bayer's furious lobbying against EU measures to save bees

The crisis of dramatic bee population decline has been a top issue in media and political debate in Europe. A wide variety of culprits are under scrutiny, including certain parasites, viruses, pesticides and industrial agriculture. But new scientific evidence from British and French research institutions, published in Science in early 2012, suggests that neonicotinoids pesticides in particular might be one of the main drivers. Syngenta and Bayer, two companies producing these substances, are waging an all-out lobbying war against the proposed partial ban of these substances by the European Commission following EFSA's (European Food Safetey Authority) opinion warning of the risk they pose to bees. Will the pesticide lobby succeed in convincing Member States to vote no to a ban?

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I posted the article link to my Beekeeping Club's fb page. Beekeepers in the US are paying attention to how this pans out.

    1. Hi Robin,
      Well done! Bayer and Syngenta are lobbying without sleep, non stop, so are we ;)
      Light up the darkness!

  2. The harder these corporations lobby the guiltier they look, this money making environmental disaster has finally caught up with them.

    1. Will,
      I entirely agree with you.
      Without our support they cant exist. They need our money. Im not giving them anything because i dont buy their pesticides and i buy only food which is Organic. I also buy clothes in a second hand shop. I also grow my organic food.
      Give them nothing!