Natural Beekeeping

Top Bar ApiRevolution has begun! Lets make some inexpensive Top Bar Hives and let them be pesticide free on their own natural comb! Che Guebee is a rebel bee fighting for the survival of the Biodiversity we all depend on and which is seriously endangered by deforestation and mono-crop agriculture! What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Apiary Location

I have moved the apiary behind the summer house which is exposed to South and protected by the house itself from the harsh swedish North winds.
I have used dowsing rods to find the stress lines which are believed to benefit bee colonies. I only placed the long hives on the stress lines (4 hives from right).
The old location is still under ice and snow, unlike the new location;
The old apiary location was behind a small hill facing North, hence the freezer effect ;) Most defenetly a wrong location for Sun Creatures!


  1. You havent put them inside the house at least.
    If I know you right you wanted to but your partner says no :-)

    1. Ha ha ha :) my wife is very understanding eventhough she is alergic to bee sting (oops)