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Friday, July 11, 2014

Which flowers do bees prefer in my locality?

Before I say anything else I would like to say that on many occasions I have seen bees work Phacelia flowers like mad but in my locality they seem to ignore it. I did see Bumblebees working it but not even one single Honeybee. I didn't plant much of it. I planted a small plot with Phacelia and Borage and Honeybees are only working the Borage for some (only to them known) reason. This is very interesting for me since Im trying to help the bees and planting something they don't prefer is useless. Well not entirely true since Bumblebees work anything really. If I'm to plant large plots with something it sure will be Borage and Calendula. We already have a wild plot with lots of Thistles so that is kind of giving lots of great quality pollen and nectar.
Honeybee working Borage flower
Why I think Borage has something important for the bees is the fact that there are thousands of Thistles which bees already work yet they still didn't ignore the small plot with a few Borage plants. Yet they did so with Phacelia.
Ah, I almost forgot to mention; I also planted Buckwheat and I could not observe not even one Honeybee on it! (confused). It seems it is important to find just those flowers which bees prefer within your locality. They always go for the "better".
Bees are also working White Clover at the moment which is a fabulous
source of nectar and pollen.

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