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Top Bar ApiRevolution has begun! Lets make some inexpensive Top Bar Hives and let them be pesticide free on their own natural comb! Che Guebee is a rebel bee fighting for the survival of the Biodiversity we all depend on and which is seriously endangered by deforestation and mono-crop agriculture! What kind of teaching have you got if you exclude nature?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bees getting ready for the winter

It is sunny today and the ladies are flying in search for pollen and nectar. 4 of the hives are full with stores and the other 6 hives are getting there very soon.
 The bees have found a new pollen source which is olive-mustard color.
There is lots of ti coming in but I'm not sure what it is?
I have spotted a very black worker bee. Probably a very old forager since it has no hairs left on her body.

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