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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pallet Bounty

I went grocery shopping today and by "accident" (or destiny LOL) I drove the car the wrong way. This led me to take the next exit ... but then something happened ... as if something was calling to me ... instead of taking left I turned right into a small street. There I saw workers building something, and THERE IT WAS !!! :) Lots of wooden pallets thrown aside of the road. I stopped the car and went to ask the foreman if I could take them and he generously showed me thumbs up :D

The pallet size was odd. Much wider and longer than the "normal" size EUR pallets. There was no way to put them into the car as they were. I checked the IPPC seal and it showed HT which stands for Heat Treated. This made me happy since I dont want to use pallets treated with pesticides.

And because Im always on the lookout for pallets I keep in my car a small sledge hammer and a hand saw. I usually need the sledge hammer to knock away the pallet legs. Without the legs I can put more pallets into the car. This time I even needed the hand saw to cut the pallet lenght.

I have filled the car with pallet wood, as much as I could fit. There are still some left behind. I think I need a bigger car ... or a horse ;)
What a great bounty! This defenetly payed off the grocery shopping :)

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